About Us

Connecticut’s Leading First Aid & Safety Supply Service

Unlike most first aid suppliers, WW First Aid is locally owned and operated – truly a Main Street business, not a Wall Street business. 

Our main focus is establishing a loyal customer base while delivering your team the best quality first aid supplies. Unlike our national competitors, we prioritize our customers' satisfaction over our profit margin and do not invoice for unnecessary charges. 

Additionally, WW First Aid's co-founder introduced the OSHA guarantee, which assures that if you receive an OSHA fine related to the first aid materials we supplied, we will cover the expense up to $1,000. Our expertly trained first aid representative will manage and handle all your requirements professionally without burdening your invoice with fake charges and superfluous fees.


Details of the Local Difference

We understand that partnering with a national provider for your First Aid services can be a hassle, a source of frustration, and an added expense. That's why when you choose WW First Aid, you'll know exactly what to expect. Here's what we offer:

Transparent, easy-to-understand invoices with no hidden charges or surprises

No unnecessary items on your invoice or inflate your charges

Cost-effective, convenient, and friendly service

No contracts and a hassle-free service policy

Electronic invoices that are clear and easy to read

On-site product evaluation and fulfillment

Red Flags of Overcharging

Have you ever taken a close look at your invoice from your current first aid provider? National providers may nickel and dime you, but with WW First Aid, there's no guesswork or surprises when it comes to your invoice. Here are some tell-tale signs that you may be overbilled by your current provider:

  • Your invoice keeps growing, despite no increase in your need for supplies.
  • Your invoice is filled with unnecessary products and services you never asked for.
  • You find random or unnecessary items in your first aid kit that were not ordered.
  • You are charged extra for disinfectant or disinfectant wipes, which should be included as a standard offering.
  • You have multiple representatives, each with their own invoice and service charge for first aid, eyewash stations, and AEDs, resulting in higher overall costs.
  • You have an excessively high service or delivery charge, but at WW First Aid, we believe in charging only what is fair and reasonable.
  • You see both generic and name-brand products in your first aid kit, which can cause invoices to keep growing. This is never done at WW.

At WW First Aid, we will never add unnecessary items or services to your invoice. We will only provide you with the products and services you requested and agreed upon upfront, with easy-to-understand invoices and no hidden fees.

From the big picture to the smallest details, WW First Aid & Safety has you covered. Request a quote today!

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