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Safety supplies are essential in the workplace; we keep you stocked.

Ensuring workplace safety is crucial, and it requires having well-stocked first aid cabinets, essential PPE, functional AEDs, and reliable eyewash stations. At WW First Aid & Safety, we recognize the significance of being fully prepared for accidents or emergencies. We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to cater to your facility's unique needs. Our programs include a diverse range of high quality products, including first aid kits, PPE, safety supplies, AEDs, eyewash stations, and more. With WW First Aid & Safety, our primary goal is to address your specific requirements in these critical areas, ensuring the highest standards of safety and preparedness are met.

Providing Peace of Mind With Every First Aid Kit

Maintaining OSHA and ANSI standards, as well as keeping track of what’s in stock in your kit, can be difficult when you’re also busy running a business. Make sure your employees get the best with cabinets that meet ANSI/ISEA Z308.1–2021 Class B Standards, with complete injury-specific modules.

Fast, Reliable, Life Saving AEDs

A requirement for most facilities, it’s crucial to maintain AEDs properly to ensure their readiness for use in emergencies. This includes regular testing and inspection of AEDs to ensure their proper functioning, as well as proper training of personnel who may need to use them. WW First Aid & Safety will handle everything AED for your facility, from installation and training to maintenance and upkeep.

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First Aid Cabinet Restocking

Always stocked, easy-to-use cabinets that are compliant with ANSI standards.

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Eye Wash Station

Keep your employees protected with regularly maintained stations.

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AED Defibrillator Sales & Service

No training necessary with our user friendly devices.

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PPE Services

Choose from our comprehensive range of PPE products that meet the highest safety standards, ensuring that your workers are protected in any situation.

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First Aid Cabinet

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Eye Wash Station

Safeguard Your Sight with
WW Eyewash Stations

In the event of a workplace eye injury, swift and proper use of an eyewash station can minimize eye damage and prevent long-term complications. However, regular maintenance and testing of eyewash stations are essential to ensure their proper function in case of an emergency. From monitoring safety standards to installation and regular maintenance, WW First Aid can help you outfit your facility with eyewash stations that satisfy ANSI and OSHA requirements.

We Handle Every Detail So You Don't Have To

Ready to switch to WW First Aid & Safety? Here's how that process works:

A WW First Aid & Safety Service Representative will have an initial meeting with you at your facility to discuss your first aid and safety needs.

Your designated Service Representative will outfit your facility with updated products, answering any questions and addressing any concerns you or your team may have.

You and your Service Representative will establish a regular schedule for them to return and monitor and restock your cabinets, address any issues, or make any adjustments needed to ensure the safety of your staff.

To guarantee your facility isn’t over or understocked, we track products using a sophisticated software program, allowing you and your staff to always be prepared for a first-aid emergency.

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Managing both your business and your first aid and safety program can be overwhelming. During emergencies, it's essential to have well-stocked first aid cabinets and materials, and that's why the choice is easy. When it comes to first aid and safety, choose a local, reliable provider like WW First Aid & Safety.

Tell Us Where
It Hurts.

Do you find your current first aid supplier’s invoices hard to understand? Do you feel like you're being charged unfairly? At WW First Aid & Safety, we prioritize building personalized relationships with our customers. We understand that the billing process can be confusing, which is why we offer easy-to-read electronic invoices that won't leave you feeling overwhelmed. We can even help you decode your current supplier's invoices to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money. Eliminate the need for costly workers' compensation claims and outside medical clinics, enhance your team's efficiency, and reduce expenses with our on-site first aid and safety program.

From the big picture to the smallest details, WW First Aid & Safety has you covered. Request a quote today!

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